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The Croutons Nutrition Calculator is a cutting-edge nutrition tool that was developed with the help of web-based nutrition pioneer, FoodCalc®. In response to loyal customer outcry, the nutritional goal of Croutons was to go beyond the traditional, printed sheets and charts, and to empower our customers with the ability to 'build-a-meal' and fully customize their order to suit their taste preferences and specific dietary needs.


Example: Salad/Sandwich Combo Meal

Mediterranean Salad, no feta/ Chicken Pesto

Step 1: To enter the Mediterranean Salad, select the 'Salad' tab at the top of the Calculator; next, click the 'Small Salad/Combo' box and select 'Mediterranean' from the salad choice. You'll notice on the right side of the screen, the calculator has begun totaling your nutrition.
Step 2: To remove the feta, select 'CLICK HERE' at the bottom of the screen; scroll down to see the all the individual ingredients in our Mediterranean salad. In the 'cheese' section you'll see that the feta cheese box is checked; click on the button, and just like that, you've removed feta cheese from the nutritional total on the right. For 'substitutions' or 'adds', simply click on the ingredient box of your choice, and you will see the nutritional content of that item added to the total.
Step 3: To enter the Chicken Pesto, select the 'Sandwich' tab; next, click the 'Combo' sandwich box and select 'Chicken Pesto' from the sandwich choices.

Once you've finished 'building your meal', the nutritional totals for the meal will show in the upper right side of the screen. If you'd like to enter another meal, or clear your entries, simply click the START OVER button.

Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to

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